Saturday, April 17

Life is not just a struggle to survive.

It is the last day of my Siswazah Perantis training at OGSB. Can’t believe myself that six month had passed. I was waiting, counting days when I was fist arrived at this office. But along the way I lost count.

 So many things happened in the last six month. It is funny sometimes if you look back, and you realize where you stand now. Life is interesting isn’t it? Like Forest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolate, you’ll never know what you get”.

Yeah. Couldn’t agree more. So I decided just go with the flow. Taking things slowly. Pray for the best yet to come. I had my up and down. With the help of dear friends and the support of lovely family, I managed to pull it through.

What next? Its time to get serious in business. I’m sick and tired of working with others. I want to be my own boss. So now, I better start seriously working on my business plan. My life in the next few years depends on this BP. This is my turning point.

How I feel? Anxious, fired-up, excited, and a little bit of doubt I guess. I am about to take a path which is not taken. A path which is very less taken. Some prevail and become a highly successful person. Some fall and become a loser all of their life.

I met a lot of people who try to stop me from chasing my dream. But I said to them, don’t try to make me be like you! Let me be myself. Let me do things my way. A man with a dream will never be denied!

 I have come this far, and I would never turn back. Just keep moving on. And finish what I started. See you guys at the other side! Cherioo..!

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ainShahajar said...

dah tahu objektif.. jalan terus.. ade masa Dia bagi rezeki yg tak sangka2.. ade masa jugak dia uji kita

kadang2 fikir diri sudah cukup kuat untuk hadapi.. tapi bila lalui macam tak kaut. but abah cakap. kita lebih kuat dari apa yg kita fikir. cuma malas...

selamat berjaya..!!


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