Friday, June 18


I am absolutely agree with a fact or a theory if its more appropriate, injustice that bind us together. Injustice makes us a society. No matter what is your political view or your education level is. When injustice take place in our society, such as Aminulrasyid case and Teoh Beng Hock case, we are 'force' not to agree with it and eventually drive us to answer the call for unity.

As a members of the society a.k.a the public, we have to agree that we are in lowest of the hierarchy. And often, the decisions and policies made by the authorities neglected the public interest and welfare. And yes, we feel offended by that.

In fact, The 1998 Reformation was initiated by injustice. No one can ever imagine that the tear gas, the chemical water canon, and the FRU inhumanity would unite Malaysian on the street. Well, Anwar Ibrahim is just a figure which represent the voice of the people who lost their faith in Mahathir leadership.

Justice is for everyone. And there are people who will stand up for justice no matter what is the consequences. Ok, enough said already. Take a look at this. You'll understand my words better.

Feels like crying? Yeah. I do understand. :)

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