Saturday, March 20

Being Yourself...

I still remember when my teacher asked me what I am gonna be when I grew up. I told her that I want to be a scientist. Coz I thought at time it would be very cool thing to become a scientist. While most of my friends those day, would answer, I want to be a teacher, a policeman, a doctor and many more jobs that our parents or teacher highlighted to us back then.

Awkwardly, those of we mentioned earlier is just a job or career. I can’t even understand why we have to become those jobs. And I can hardly understand why we have to become what we studied. Why we have to be an engineer if we studied engineering? And why we have to become a doctor if we graduated from med school?

I always believe that we have to study what we love to know. What we are passionate about. And we have to be what we love to be. My passion is towards arts and music. I always did and always do. But the whole world will go against me if I told them I want to be an artist and a musician. They would say that I would not have a good future in that kind field. So I ate it all up and end up learning what they want me to learn. Eventually end up being like them. Hopeless and wondering without any where to go…

They always tell us to study harder. After you scored a straight A’s in a test, you have to score a straight A’s yet in another test. Yes. I did score a straight A’s. But I don’t feel like being successful. I felt like I’m being fooled. They told me that by scoring a straight A’s in all test, I will have a great future. But what kind of great future? And how great is that great future would be?

I’ve seen people who have most A’s all of their life struggling in their so called great future. Suffocating in debts and lost in rat race. Living a cheap life by saving money for another ‘great future’. So why bother scoring A’s anyway??

Ever since we were a kid, we were made to believe that we can be anything. No matter what. And ever since that, I always wanted to become myself. I always want to be what I am eventually destined to be. Which is MYSELF. Myself can be anything that I want to be. It is my choice on how I’m gonna live my live. I don’t need anyone to choose or decide it for me. Coz I know, somehow I will walk the path on my own feet. Alone.

Somewhere and somehow along the line, many of us stop to believe that we can be anything that we dream of. But I choose to still believe that I can be what I always dream of. I want to be a highly successful person. It is been decided even before I was born. I chose my path. Have you?

He choose to be his self doing what he love the most.If he choose to be society stereotype, he wouldn't be a Sasterawan Negara.

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