Sunday, November 15


The sunset was a gentle reminder that another day had passed. It signified how life was full of opportunities either gained or lost. Sunset symbolized one question: what choices would tomorrow offers?

A friend said to me that you should experience the sunsets or sunrises once in while. This natural miracle could remind you about the Almighty creator, Allah. And hoping that we would realize a fact; time would never wait for you.

As days goes by, I always love to ask myself: what did I learnt today? Did I make the right decision? And how will the decision affect my life in the future? Isn’t life about making decision and choices? Whatever happened, a decision had been made. A choice had been choose. REDHA. TAWAKKAL. May Him guided us through the path that we choose. Amin…

Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Him, I finally see clearly what I want to do with my life. The destination is well defined. But the path remains ambiguous. My dream, my worth taking journey. And of course, someone will say to me sarcastically that I am such a dreamer. My dream is too BIG and VERY HARD TO ACHIEVE. Well, at least it is not impossible and impossible is nothing! They laugh at my dream. In the end I will laugh back at them coz they don’t even have one!

Everyday before I go to sleep, I always spent a while to visualize my dream. Not just imagine it, but taste it with all my senses as it I’m living in my dream already. Accompany with Frank Sinatra, I did it my way, I can feel how beautiful life is. Smile. And eventually fall asleep…Good night everyone.

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